For us at ACRAM, safety is the primary value in the production of our systems.

iAM ZERO is a system for dealcoholizing wine and spirits designed and developed by ACRAM after a long period of study and testing. Let’s now look at the key aspects related to safety and management that we have focused on.

  1. The extracted alcohol is diluted in a water solution, so the plant operates in an ordinary non-classified area without the risk of explosions. It does not require ATEX certification, ignition reports, or zone classification.
  2. No risk of burns: During the dealcoholization process, the machine does not have any hot parts.
  3. The machine does not require licensed operators.
  4. In case of anomalies, the plant generates alarms at different levels, ranging from a simple audible/visual signal for non-serious alarms to an immediate stop of the machine for alarms classified as “serious/blocking.”
  5. Alarms can be delivered via email, notification, or SMS.

Discover in detail our iAM ZERO dealcoholization plant and for more information, please contact us.


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