We measure down to the last drop


Measurement directly in collection

iAM COLLECT allows you to collect milk in a safe, reliable and controlled way, ensuring precise and correct measurement.

The properties of the milk are respected

With a positive pump, centrifugal or using a vacuum tank, iAM COLLECT respects the organoleptic characteristics of the milk and can be made with different flow rates to better meet your needs.

Speed ​​of operations = economic savings

Automatic sampling system, data logging, printer, remote assistance: these are just some of the additional functions with which iAM COLLECT can be equipped. Furthermore, when combined with an electric or battery drive, this innovative system becomes a sustainable solution.



Thanks to the iAM SMART control panel, iAM COLLECT makes the milk collection process fully automated and intuitive to use even for the less experienced.


iAM COLLECT acts as a mediator between the buyer and the seller, eliminating any possible dispute.


All iAM COLLECT measurement systems meet the regulatory requirements in force regarding economic transactions.

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