ACRAM is an Italian company operating for over 25 years in automations for the food industry.
It has a presence on major world markets, employing highly qualified personnel in its design and manufacturing departments.
Owning several patents and certifications, it is a reference point in production, sanitation and measurement processes for liquid foodstuffs.

Numerous companies sell systems. Few companies design and sell. ACRAM designs, builds and tests. It does not delegate or outsource. It employs its own internal staff, and the difference can be seen at every level.
ACRAM does not just offer machines, but solutions: customers' needs and problems are solved by experienced consultants who have the skills to propose the most appropriate processes for the specific needs of each single production context. Every aspect of the proposed system is discussed and planned with the customer so that there is optimal implementation with pre-existing machines: thanks to our technical office and in-house designers, the customer can view the 3D model of the system and customise it at every level.
Automatic systems are equipped with software that is designed and developed ad-hoc by ACRAM's own computer technicians.
Construction and assembly are carried out at the ACRAM workshop by personnel holding licenses for welding in food environments and by specialised technicians.
Every machine undergoes extensive testing using instrumentation in our metrological laboratory, in order to guarantee top-quality construction, adherence to performance specifications, total absence of defects and durability over time.
Installation and commissioning at the customer's premises are all carried out by our own personnel.
After commissioning each system, ACRAM's dedicated service department provides multi-level assistance, maintenance and monitoring services.  


ACRAM promotes career growth in its employees to ensure that everyone consciously performs to the very best of their abilities.



ACRAM collaborates with experts in food processes, able to provide the customer with accurate and customized solution.



ACRAM has worldwide references in process automation, sanitation, and traceability.

Our workshop

The ACRAM in-home workshop is able to fully run the main manufacture required to implement the proposed plant solutions.