ACRAM after sales service start from the simple tele-assistance, to total cover services, that involving maintenance, instrumentation diagnostic and monitoring, and periodic checks.

ACRAM offers on-call, after-sales services or a medium/long-term operative plan;
Thanks to the in-house service department, ACRAM can intervene promptly to resolve any problems that may arise after the commissioning of each system. In this way, initial efficiency is maintained over time and each system's lifetime increases exponentially, thus off-setting purchase expenditure.
ACRAM after-sales services range from simple telephone assistance to total coverage, including maintenance, instrument monitoring, and periodic inspection services.
ACRAM also offers internet services that enable remote access to management and monitoring functions, availing of additional control and security utilities, thus enabling continued production without stalling even in the event of irreversible damage to the system.
The plus-factor of the ACRAM service department derives from the fact that our staff has been involved in every mechanical, electrical and software aspect of the system while under construction; this results in a profound understanding of every detail of the machine, which an external service company could never guarantee.

ACRAM after-sales service can also modify and deploy systems with new functions and update/modify the software.