Who said that 0 alcohol wine is not wine?

An excellent wine can also be 0% alcohol. The new frontier of winemaking is dealcoholized wine.
iAM ZERO is the solution.

Unaltered product

iAM ZERO is the alcohol removal system is a system designed to reduce the alcohol content of wine or beer until it reaches 0.0 alcohol, without altering the structure of the starting product.

The dealcoholation process takes place through the direct passage on an inert membrane, which allows the preservation of the organoleptic and sensory characteristics of the product.

Born from a great partnership

The system was developed in collaboration with Princess S.r.l., the main Italian company producing de-alcoholic wines. The collaboration between ACRAM srl and Princess led to the construction of a prototype and the subsequent construction of the industrial plant. The membranes used in the small prototype have now exceeded 10,000 hl of processed wine and are now supplied on the new plant.

Maximum performance, minimum costs

The duration of the membranes used is guaranteed by the experience acquired in the field, moreover, the entire dealcoholation process has been conceived with the objective of maximum efficiency guaranteeing a very low management cost.



The  system is fully automated and modular, with the possibility of selecting several pre-set phases, including production, washing and integrity tests. 24-hour operation is also guaranteed in unattended mode, with any problems or errors promptly reported via the remote assistance service.


In summary, the de-alcohol system for wine described represents an innovative solution for obtaining any desired alcohol content up to 0.0, keeping the properties of the starting product intact.

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