“Lacryma Vitis” is the event that occurs when the vine is cut or injured in some way. In response to […]
From 21 to 25 February 2023 we are present at the International Fair Plovdid – Vinaria 2023, in collaboration with […]
With the iAM Ready series, ACRAM has decided to bring its thirty years of experience also to the pre-bottling stages […]
From 14 to 17 February we will be present at ENOMAQ 2023 in Zaragoza, Spain. We look forward to seeing […]
The Christmas holidays are over and we are back operational and at full capacity. We are at your disposal.
It has been a very intense year, full of satisfactions and challenges successfully won. We finally deserve some rest, so […]
#Innovation means conducting constant #research, believing in a #project and making it more and more concrete day by day. It is an immense pride […]
As the 8th December is an Italian public holiday, we advise all our customers, suppliers and partners that our offices […]
The festive atmosphere that reigns in December always brings with it beautiful surprises. Today we too have one for you: […]
Merging microfiltration, automation and innovation all in one system? The answer is yes and the solution awaits you at #SIMEI 2022 at […]