December 8, 2023 will mark the entry into force of EU Regulation 2021/2117, which will impose new requirements for the labeling of bottles of wine sold in the European Union.

These new requirements will require manufacturers to provide information on ingredients, nutrition, energy used and allergens to consumers. With the exception of the nutritional value in kilocalories and allergenic substances, which must be reported on the label, producers will have the possibility to list this information directly on the wine label or provide it online via a QR code.

Wines produced and labeled before December 8 will not be affected by these new provisions and, therefore, will not require any label changes. These wines can be marketed until stocks last.

Despite the planned exemptions, producers remain concerned about bureaucratic problems and uncertainties related to the future, such as high inventories, reduced consumption in key destination markets and issues relating to the Common Market Organisation.

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