It is the moment long awaited by wine lovers all over the world: Vinitaly 2024 is rapidly approaching, with its promises of oenological excellence and endless taste discoveries. From 14 to 17 April, Verona will become the beating heart of the wine universe, welcoming producers, sommeliers, industry experts and enthusiasts for four intense days of tastings, meetings and innovations.

The Essence of Vinitaly

Vinitaly is much more than a wine fair: it is a complete sensorial experience that embraces culture, tradition and innovation in the world of oenology. Every year, thousands of exhibitors from every corner of Italy and the world come together to present their best labels, from historic cellars to emerging realities, thus creating a unique stage where flavors meet the stories of those who created them.

What’s new in 2024

This year, Vinitaly promises to amaze once again with a series of innovations and initiatives designed to enrich the visitor experience and celebrate the art of wine in all its nuances. Here are some previews of the big news of Vinitaly 2024:

Focus on Emerging Labels: Vinitaly is not just for the big names in wine. This year, particular attention will be given to emerging wineries and innovative labels, offering a unique platform for younger producers to make themselves known and appreciated.

Technology and Innovation: Technology is increasingly at the center of the world of wine, and Vinitaly is no different. The latest innovations in the sector will be presented, from artificial intelligence for wine production to augmented reality for bottle labelling, thus offering operators in the sector a glimpse into the future of oenology.

Seminars and Exclusive Tastings: Vinitaly is the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge of wine and discover new trends. This year, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of seminars and tastings led by industry experts, offering an unparalleled educational and tasting experience.

Focus on Natural and Biodynamic Wines: The growing trend towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly production is also reflected at Vinitaly. Particular emphasis will be given to natural and biodynamic wines, offering visitors the opportunity to discover and appreciate the authentic taste of the land.

Do not lose the opportunity

Vinitaly 2024 promises to be an extraordinary edition, full of surprises and unique opportunities for all wine lovers. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of oenology, discover new wines and meet the protagonists behind the labels. Prepare your glass and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Italian taste. See you at Vinitaly!


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