Winemaking is an ancient art, but technological innovation continues to play a crucial role in enhancing wine quality. Among the most significant technologies in modern enology, microfiltration stands out. In this article, we will explore the importance of microfiltration in winemaking and how ACRAM, a leading company in the sector, is revolutionizing the production process with cutting-edge solutions.

What is Microfiltration?

Microfiltration is a filtration process that uses microporous membranes to remove impurities and microorganisms from wine without altering its organoleptic properties. This method is essential for ensuring the microbiological stability of wine, preventing unwanted alterations that could compromise its quality and preservation.

Benefits of Microfiltration

  1. Quality and Purity: Microfiltration allows for the production of clear and stable wine, free of suspended particles and potentially harmful microorganisms. This process is crucial for maintaining the purity of the final product, enhancing its natural characteristics.
  2. Microbiological Stability: By removing yeasts and bacteria, microfiltration reduces the risk of unwanted fermentations and other microbiological contaminations, ensuring greater longevity of the wine.
  3. Preservation of Organoleptic Properties: Unlike other more aggressive filtration methods, microfiltration preserves the original aromas and flavors of the wine, keeping its organoleptic qualities intact.
  4. Efficiency and Sustainability: Microfiltration is an efficient process that reduces the need for chemical interventions, making winemaking more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

ACRAM: Innovation and Quality in Microfiltration

ACRAM is a leading company in the field of enology technologies, with a long tradition of excellence and innovation. Through a constant commitment to research and development, ACRAM offers highly technological microfiltration solutions designed to meet the needs of the most demanding wine producers.

ACRAM’s Microfiltration Solutions

  1. Customized Systems: ACRAM designs and manufactures tailor-made microfiltration systems, adapted to the specific needs of each winery, ensuring maximum efficiency and quality in the production process.
  2. Advanced Technology: Utilizing state-of-the-art membranes, ACRAM’s systems ensure precise and reliable filtration, preserving the wine’s organoleptic characteristics.
  3. Technical Support and Training: ACRAM provides comprehensive support to its clients, with consulting services, technical assistance, and training to ensure optimal use of microfiltration technologies.


Microfiltration is a fundamental technology for producing high-quality wines, offering numerous advantages in terms of purity, stability, and preservation of organoleptic properties. Thanks to ACRAM’s innovative and customized solutions, wineries can rely on state-of-the-art microfiltration systems capable of meeting modern market challenges and ensuring an excellent final product. Choosing ACRAM means investing in the quality and sustainability of your wine production, with the certainty of relying on a trusted and experienced partner.


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