The peace of mind of a “kasko” policy

By signing this contract, you gain access to the most complete after-sales assistance / verification / maintenance plan available to date.

The customer will no longer have to worry about any aspects of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, nor about the supply of materials since everything will become the responsibility of ACRAM.

In particular, based on the size, work shifts and age of the machine, an annual amount calculated for each machine will be proposed, which includes all the basic remote assistance packages with the following additional services:

Annual on-site inspection, during which our technical staff will check the main parts of the system (hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, exchangers, etc.) to check for any anomalies, carry out small immediate repairs and possibly agree a targeted intervention;

Complete periodic maintenance, determined based on the machine’s workload and a predictive system integrated into the machine; During this intervention, the machine’s wearing parts will be replaced, such as gaskets, valve kits, dosing pump kits, etc.

Supply of spare components mounted on the machine that should fail;

Priority remote assistance service, and priority telephone assistance for technical and process consultancy and investigations of problems on the machine.

The service guarantees:

• Certain and fixed cost;

• Protection against any unexpected event;

• Specific targeted interventions;

• Prevention of problems and consequent reduction of machine downtime

NOTE: Extra support hour packages can be purchased. Packages are 10 hours.