Even from a distance we are with you!

Our remote assistance packages offer various services to always be at your disposal to deal with any need.

Secure Net Framework is the network infrastructure that ACRAM has created to guarantee security and stability in the use of connection services. Data traffic travels via an encrypted VPN channel, thanks to the use of SSL digital certificates. All systems to follow use this platform.

Dedicated mail server, allows you to 100% guarantee the sending of emails (reports/notifications/alarms) to a group of selected addresses through the use of a dedicated ACRAM server. In fact, third-party servers are subject to continuous maintenance which involves a consequential update of the connection parameters.

Automatic backup, consists of a daily copy of all the data on your system. Backup becomes fundamental in the event of data loss or system failure (software or hardware), thus allowing technicians to restore the system remotely and in the shortest possible time.

Remote Access, system through which the customer can control their system remotely in a secure way. Applications for remote connection are available for both mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and fixed platforms (Windows or MAC).

Priority intervention, if included, guarantees the customer that their problem will be taken care of within the hours specified in each package.

The REMOTE ASSISTANCE packages are divided into 3 levels:




Find the teleassistance package best suited to you by consulting the table below.

NOTE: Extra support hour packages can be purchased. Packages are 10 hours.