With the iAM Ready series, ACRAM has decided to bring its thirty years of experience also to the pre-bottling stages of cellar filtration.

Even if the orthogonal microfiltration is commonly associated with the bottling phase, in recent years there has been a change of direction which is leading the orthogonal technique to be used above all where one wants to highlight the sensory uniqueness of the wines, having more flexibility in the choice of the micrometrics most suited to the complexity of each wine.

Furthermore, the larger micrometric sizes of the filtering media mean that the stress suffered by the wines at the colloidal level is less, making them more ready to face the final bottling stage. To sum up, ACRAM’s goal is to provide solutions equipped with all the technical devices suitable for taking cellar filtration to a higher level in terms of technology, safety and traceability, with a tailor-made process in relation to what the The winemaker wants to bring it back to the bottle.

iAM Ready fully summarizes the ACRAM philosophy, for which the machine is never an imposed concept, but always adapts to the peculiarities of each individual cellar.

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