impianti cip vino

Hygiene is a fundamental aspect in the wine industry, as it affects the quality of the final product. Among the various cleaning operations necessary to ensure high hygiene standards, CIP (Cleaning In Place) is one of the most important.

The CIP consists in the cleaning of the oenological systems without having to disassemble them, using special cleaning and disinfection solutions. In particular, the washing CIP foresees the use of alkaline or acid detergents according to the needs.

The objective of the washing CIP is to eliminate the organic and inorganic residues present in the pipes, valves and other components of the system, preventing the formation of bacteria and molds which could compromise the quality of the wine.

To guarantee the effectiveness of the washing CIP, it is important to scrupulously follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the dilution of the detergent and the duration of the washing cycle. Furthermore, it is necessary to regularly monitor the quality of the water used to avoid the formation of limescale deposits which could compromise the effectiveness of the CIP.

In summary, CIP washing is a fundamental operation to guarantee high hygiene standards in oenological plants, preventing the formation of bacteria and mold and guaranteeing the quality of the final product.

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