In the dairy industry, accuracy in measuring the quantity and quality of milk is of fundamental importance. Companies involved in dairy product manufacturing need reliable and precise systems to monitor the milk they receive from dairy farms.

This is where milk reception plants come into play, representing an advanced technological solution for ensuring precise and reliable measurement of the discharged milk. ACRAM has developed the iAM WELCOME system to address this need.

Through the use of this system, we are able to accurately monitor the quantity of milk being discharged at the reception facilities. The integrated sensors are accurate and reliable, capturing even the smallest details and providing an exact measurement of the quantities.

But it’s not just about quantity; milk quality is another crucial aspect for the dairy industry. The plant is designed to create a representative sample of the discharged milk.

ACRAM’s milk reception plants offer numerous advantages to dairy companies. Firstly, they minimize measurement errors and milk waste, optimizing resource management.

In conclusion, milk reception plants at dairy companies’ facilities are an essential solution for ensuring precise measurement of the quantity and quality of discharged milk. ACRAM stands out as a leading company in this field, providing reliable and innovative technical solutions for the dairy industry. With their advanced technology, companies can rely on accurate and timely data to optimize their production and offer high-quality dairy products to consumers.

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