In the wine industry, wine bottling is a crucial phase of the production process. During this phase, it is essential to ensure that the pipelines are completely emptied and cleaned to avoid cross-contamination between different types of wine and to guarantee the highest quality of the final product. Moreover, recovering the wine residues left in the pipelines can result in significant cost savings for companies.

To achieve these goals, an increasing number of wineries are turning to pigging systems. But what exactly are pigging systems? What does this technology entail?

Pigging systems are designed for the recovery and emptying of pipelines using a device known as a “pig.” The pig, which can have various shapes and sizes depending on the specific needs of the company, is a device that is pushed through the pipelines to remove wine residues and other materials present inside them.

The operation of pigging systems is relatively simple yet highly efficient. The pig is inserted into the pipeline and pushed through it. As the pig moves along the pipeline, it scrapes and cleans the walls, recovering the residual wine present and channeling it towards a specially designated collection point.

One of the main advantages of pigging systems is their ability to recover a significant amount of residual wine that would otherwise be lost. This can result in substantial savings for the company, especially considering that wine is a valuable product. Additionally, the recovery of residues also reduces environmental impact, contributing to a more sustainable production.

In addition to wine recovery, pigging systems offer other benefits as well. For example, they greatly reduce the time required for pipeline emptying and manual cleaning, allowing for increased overall productivity. Furthermore, reducing product changeover times between bottling phases enables greater production flexibility and the potential for waste reduction.

ACRAM is a leader in the field of pigging systems for the wine industry. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector, ACRAM offers customized solutions for wineries, ensuring operational efficiency and maximum production yield. These pigging systems are designed to adapt to the specific needs of each client, guaranteeing thorough cleaning and optimal recovery of residual wine.

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