In the winemaking industry, working in an environment with potential explosion hazards requires the adoption of specific safety measures. Winemaking facilities must comply with the ATEX directives, which establish standards for the prevention of explosions in the workplace. In this context, ACRAM positions itself as a leader in the industry, offering an innovative and reliable solution: the iAM EXPERT system. Let’s discover how this system can ensure safety and efficiency in winemaking facilities.

ACRAM’s iAM EXPERT system has been specially designed to meet the stringent ATEX safety regulations. The use of certified equipment that complies with the ATEX directives ensures that all operations in the winemaking environment are conducted safely, avoiding potential accidents.

ACRAM iAM EXPERT is designed to ensure maximum operational efficiency in winemaking facilities. With automated and customizable features, the system optimizes production processes, reducing downtime and increasing overall productivity. Furthermore, through centralized data management, it is possible to analyze facility performance and make continuous improvements to streamline operations.

To guarantee safety, operational efficiency, and compliance with ATEX regulations, ACRAM’s iAM EXPERT system proves to be the ideal solution for winemaking and spirits processing facilities. Its ability to provide a safe working environment, monitor and control processing parameters in real-time, improve operational efficiency, and easily integrate into existing facilities make it a reliable choice for winemaking companies aiming for excellent results.

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