This year, we have renewed the milk measurement system on a milk collection truck for one of our clients. The previous system, dating back to 2012, has been replaced with a state-of-the-art solution equipped with the latest technological innovations.

The core of the new system consists of the modern AMC control and the certified CMU measurement unit. These cutting-edge components ensure unprecedented precision in the milk collection and measurement operations.

Installed on a milk collection truck with a vacuum tank, the ACRAM measurement system is designed to efficiently and reliably tackle any challenge. Its remarkable ability to measure milk even at variable flow rates makes it perfect for handling large quantities of milk in a short amount of time.

One important aspect to consider is that the milk flow is closely related to the vacuum level in the tank. As the measurement system does not come with its own vacuum pump, the milk flow is optimized based on the tank conditions, ensuring efficient use of resources.

An additional advantage of the system is the air eliminator, equipped with an electronic level probe. This tool removes any air present before the actual measurement, ensuring even more precise and reliable data.

All the valves in the measurement system have been designed with electric actuators, ensuring a fully automatic management of the system.

To complete the package, other essential devices have been installed to provide even more accurate and comprehensive control over the milk collection process. A temperature probe allows monitoring the temperature of the collected milk, ensuring it remains in optimal conditions.

The double sampler offers the possibility to collect milk samples, which facilitate laboratory tests on both the quality of individual contributors and the entire collection cycle.

Finally, thanks to the printer, detailed reports of each collection session can be obtained. This streamlines data management and provides a complete documentation of the operations performed.

With this new and advanced milk measurement system, your company will enjoy increased efficiency, precision, and reliability in milk collection, achieving high-quality results for the entire production chain.

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