The world of wine is a fascinating universe of complex aromas and rich flavors, but what happens when we decide to remove alcohol? The idea of ​​de-alcoholizing wine has gained popularity in recent times, with the aim of offering an option to those who wish to enjoy wine without the effects of alcohol. However, the question arises: by de-alcoholizing wine, is it possible to keep its distinctive flavors and aromas intact?

The dealcoholization method used in the iAM ZERO systems allows the alcohol to be extracted in the form of gas so as not to lose most of the aromatic, flavor and perfume components. You will therefore have a bouquet of perceptible and broad but slightly attenuated aromas and flavors given that alcohol plays a crucial role in conveying the aromatic substances of the wine

The objective of our systems is therefore to allow wine lovers to enjoy a complete sensorial experience even without alcohol or with a reduction in it.

Dealing wine is an intriguing option for those who wish to avoid the effects of alcohol while maintaining the aromatic complexity of the drink.

Technology and experimentation in this field continues incessantly and the goal of preserving flavors and aromas could represent the future of an ever-evolving sector, offering new perspectives to anyone who wishes to explore the world of wine in a different way.

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