Traceability in the milk collection phase is a fundamental element to guarantee the quality and safety of the final product. This process is crucial for the dairy industry and for consumers themselves.

In order to ensure the high quality and health standards required for the food industry, it is therefore necessary that each stage of this journey is traced.

ACRAM’s iAM SMART series control systems are the result of all 30 years of our experience in the milk collection sector.

With iAM SMART, data is collected and recorded automatically, as well as easily transferred in a secure, fast and error-free manner.

This system stands out for its simple and intuitive interface, and is also the only one approved according to the regulations in force in Italy.

By combining iAM SMART with ACRAM measurement and sampling systems, installed on trucks or at reception, it is possible to obtain complete data collection on all the milk collected.

ACRAM has always been attentive to technological innovation and respect for the environment to guarantee the progress and sustainability of the dairy sector.


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