With ACRAM srl’s Kasko service, you have access to the most complete assistance, verification and after-sales maintenance plan available for your system.

Forget the worries related to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, and the supply of materials: everything becomes the responsibility of ACRAM.

Our all-inclusive service package includes a wide range of services, including periodic on-site checks, comprehensive maintenance and an unlimited warranty on standard replacement parts.

Furthermore, we offer an instrument calibration and alignment service, priority remote assistance and technical consultancy to guarantee maximum performance of your machines.

With ACRAM srl’s ALL-INCLUSIVE assistance service, you will have:

✅ Certain and fixed cost

✅ Protection against any unexpected events

✅ Targeted and specific interventions

✅ Prevention of problems and reduction of machine downtime

Don’t leave anything to chance, choose peace of mind with the Kasko policy from ACRAM srl!

Contact us today for more information. 🛠️


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