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In the dairy industry, the quality of milk is an extremely important factor. To ensure the highest quality and safety of the product, the installation of milk measurement and sampling systems directly on tanker trucks is proving to be a revolutionary solution. In this article, we will explore the advantages of this innovation and how it is contributing to improving the milk collection process.

Accuracy in milk measurement: Modern integrated measurement systems on tanker trucks allow for accurate and reliable measurement of the volume of milk collected. This eliminates the uncertainty associated with estimates based on manual measurements or separate measuring tools. The accuracy of measurement data is crucial for farmers and dairy companies as it directly impacts the amount of milk delivered and the calculation of payments.

Monitoring milk quality: Thanks to the sampling systems installed on tanker trucks, milk samples can be collected during the loading process. These samples can be immediately analyzed to determine the quality of the milk in terms of chemical composition, presence of contaminants, or pathogens. The ability to perform real-time checks allows for quick intervention in case of abnormalities, ensuring a high-quality product and minimizing the risk of contamination.

Increased operational efficiency: With integrated measurement and sampling systems, tanker trucks become mobile laboratories. This means that milk can be analyzed on the spot, eliminating the need to transfer samples to an external laboratory. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces transportation costs and the risk of sample deterioration during transfer.

Complete process traceability: The installation of milk measurement and sampling systems on tanker trucks allows for complete traceability of the collection process. Each stage, from measurement to sample collection and analysis, can be accurately documented and recorded. This facilitates data management and provides detailed information about the origin and quality of the milk, creating a transparent and reliable working environment for farmers, dairy companies, and regulatory authorities.

The installation of milk measurement and sampling systems on tanker trucks represents a fundamental innovation for the dairy industry. Discover our iAM COLLECT system. For more information, CONTACT US.



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