In the winemaking industry, the use of water in the equipment washing process is essential to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene necessary for the production of high-quality wines. However, this practice can result in significant wastage of precious water resources. Fortunately, thanks to the innovative solution proposed by ACRAM srl, iAM IDROLOOP, it is possible to recover, refurbish, and reuse the water used, thus contributing to resource conservation and the sustainability of the industry.

The winemaking industry requires extensive water usage for the washing of equipment, tanks, pipelines, as well as for temperature control during the winemaking process. This water usage leads to considerable waste, with notable implications for the environment and the operational costs of wineries. Moreover, increasingly stringent water restrictions in many regions of the world make sustainable water usage even more critical.

iAM IDROLOOP, an advanced system for the recovery and reuse of water used in winemaking equipment washing processes, has been developed by ACRAM srl. This innovative system allows for the collection of wastewater, its purification through a filtration and treatment process, and its return to the initial use. iAM IDROLOOP is designed to adapt to the specific needs of wineries, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.

What are the benefits of iAM IDROLOOP?

The use of iAM IDROLOOP entails numerous environmental and economic benefits for wineries. Firstly, it significantly reduces the consumption of fresh water, thus contributing to the conservation of water resources. Additionally, it allows for cost savings on water supply and associated energy expenses for water heating and treatment. This innovative solution also helps wineries comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations and improve their image as environmentally responsible companies.

The adoption of solutions like ACRAM srl’s iAM IDROLOOP in the winemaking industry represents an important step towards water resource sustainability and conservation. The recovery, refurbishment, and reuse of water used in equipment washing processes enable wineries to significantly reduce water waste and lower operational costs. By embracing these solutions, wineries can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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